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We, at CISA, proudly present the launch of the CISAMUN, a venture into the world of Model United Nation. We are just eight years old but we have the precision of winning awards at every MUN we have participated in. And we thought that if we have it then we ought to share it. The sprawling seven acres and the state of the art infrastructure in the charmed city of the Golden Temple, provides us the perfect backdrop to host some of the best schools for an interactive session on global issues.

In these last years, we have we have moved on from infancy to maturity. Our main achievements being a 1700 strong student brigade and their guardians as our shareholders, a committed team of teaching and non teaching staff and a management with a vision.

Young minds have the freshest ideas. Keeping this in mind, CISAMUN wishes to tap this pool of ideas and contribute to issues that matter, in whatever little way possible. United Nations: as the name suggests, thinks globally and that is exactly what we strive for too. Issues ranging from environment concerns and religious intolerance to terrorism and trade have an impact on all, hence the urgency to start young.

We proudly launch the CISAMUN scheduled for the 3rd, 4th and 5th of August 2017.




About The EB

Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the first session of the Cambridge International School Amritsar Model United Nations Conference. I am Vansh Aggarwal and I am thrilled to be your Secretary General at CISAMUN ’17. Before I go on to the specifics about the conference, I’ll start by introducing myself. I am a pass-out from The Doon School, Dehradun. I have been an avid MUNer and have attended and chaired conferences both nationally and internationally. As such, my interests lie mainly in the field of Economics and Politics. I am going to pursue a degree in economics and psychology from the University of Chicago this fall.

As far as the conference goes, I hope you are all as excited as I am to take part in these incredibly unique simulations this year. Each committee will have the opportunity to explore a new dimension of its topics, ranging from the ongoing Syrian civil war to the militarization of the Arctic. Simultaneously, the International Press Core will help make sure that delegates are questioned and made accountable for their actions and decisions. I encourage you to embrace the important role you each will play, as your country’s voice is crucial.

I hope these realistic yet challenging simulation will test the intellectual and diplomatic capability of every delegate. I expect all delegates to be ‘aware’ of the developments in current affairs and be familiar with their foreign policy. Further, I expect everyone to maintain a high level of debate and the committee to adopt a holistic approach towards the agendas. Also, ones ability to lobby and lead blocs will be highly judged upon, as diplomacy forms the core of any Model United Nations Conference. So be prepared for three days of intense debate, heated arguments, lobbying and above all, meeting new people and making friends.

I look forward to seeing all of you here at the holy city this fall.

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