Clubs and Activities

There are a variety of clubs and committees for students to join throughout the year.

Eco Club

The school runs Eco Club with the purpose of sensitizing our student’s towards the environmental concern and to educate them about the present needs and conservation of resources. The students are motivated and involved in the endeavors to achieve sustainable development and use the natural resources judiciously.

Business Club

The Business Club has been set up with the aim to help students to completely explore the business environment and develop the main corporate skills such as leadership, teamwork and organizational values.

Heritage Club

The idea behind setting up Heritage Club in school is to involve and sensitize the students towards preservation of our cultural and natural heritage. As a part of the club activities, various programs are designed which are geared towards awareness and respect for our heritage.

MUN Club

The school runs Model United Nations, also known as MUN Club with a name to understand global implications and identify and respect different ideologies and beliefs. The club activities involve substantial researching, public speaking, debating, writing skills as well as critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.